Administrators Foreword

Administrator's Foreword

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skill and values. A good Educational Institution not only informs and forms but transforms young minds into estimable citizens. It shapes the career and future prospects of an individual and empowers men and women to be the agent of change in our society.

St. Joseph Vaz College, a young College that empowers young men and women, especially the underprivileged into responsive citizens through holistic education. The College provides myriad opportunities to students to excel in co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports and other cultural activities. The College provides excellent Student Teacher Ratio that makes each student excel in academics and bring out the best in the students. The mentoring programme shapes the academic pursuits and helps students to grow as a human person.

The College provides value based education with a good infrastructure that is conducive for teaching learning process and helps students to realise their goals.

I am delighted to present to you the youngest upcoming Science College and you will never regret choosing this formidable College.

I am confident that you will fulfill your ambition and realize your dreams at St. Joseph Vaz College.

Rev. Prof. Simão R. Diniz