Grievance Policy


Investigation of Grievance by the College Grievance Committee vide Ordinance No. 66.7.3

1 The Committee considers the written complaint by a student on the conduct of examination provided that

(i) the complaint is submitted within 15 days after the declaration of results;

(ii) the complaint is accompanied with a fee of Rs.200/- (refundable if the complaint is found genuine); and

2 The matter is referred to the Committee by the Principal. The Committee replies to the allegations, if any, made by the student from the concerned party.

3 After considering the reply of the concerned party, the Committee recommends a course of action in writing to the Principal.

4 The Principal may inform the student the findings of the Committee and takes appropriate action including reassessment of the said answer book. However, if the marks are reduced after revaluation of the said answer book the original marks be retained and the student to be communicated that there is no change in his/her result.

5 A minimum fine of Rs.200/- but exceeding Rs.500/-, is imposed on the student complainant, if the said allegation(s) is (are) found to be a deliberate attempt at casting aspersions on the teacher(s) concerned. If the allegations are found to be genuine and the same is recorded giving reasons, the action shall be taken as provided under OA-5.2.6.

Inquiry into cases of unfair means vide Ordinance No. 66.7.2

The following procedure is followed for inquiring into the cases of candidates alleged to have used unfair means at the B.Sc., examinations.

1. The candidates is served with a show cause notice and made aware of the charges/allegations reported against him/her so as to enable him/her to prepare his defence at the time of this appearance before the CUMIC and inform him/her thereby of the proposed action to be taken in his/her case, directing him/her to reply to the show cause notice as to why the action proposed should not be taken against him/her.

(a) The reply received by the Committee from the candidate when he/she appears before it, is considered by the Committee and the final recommendation in the matter is taken and reported to the Principal for approval.

(b) The punishment finally awarded can be equal to, or less than, what is mentioned in the show cause notice, but not more than what is mentioned therein.

(c) The CUMIC is a recommendatory body. The Principal has to exercise his/her power under Statute SB-13(iv) of the University and issue final order

(d) The broad category of malpractice and the quantum of punishment for each category thereof shall be as given in Ordinance on malpractices i.e. OA-5.14.19. Besides these guidelines, each case may be examined in detail and punishment awarded on the merit of each case.