B. Sc. in Microbiology

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Microbiology has consistently proved to be one of the most significant fields in biology, making it possible to define how some microorganisms cause diseases, discover treatments for such diseases and even use a few microbes for industrial applications etc.

As we stand at the convergence of genomics, public concerns about bioterrorism, global outbreaks of infectious diseases, unprecedented computational power, and the possibility of large-scale ecological disasters, there lies opportunities in microbiology.


  • To equip our students with fundamental & advanced microbiological and analytical skills in Microbiology .
  • To expose students to the field of microbiology and other allied life science subjects for promising career options in research, industries and academics
  •  To develop graduates with a strong professional ethics and moral duties that will positively affect their profession, community, society and Nation at large.


  • Students will be equipped with fundamental and basic knowledge of microbiology.
  • Students will be  well equipped with advanced microbiological techniques and analytical skills.
  • Develop Interest in research and industry.
  • Students will be responsible  and ready to contribute their knowledge to the society.