Book Donation Drive

The Library Department at St. Joseph Vaz College organized a Book Donation Drive from April 23rd to May 10th, 2024, to commemorate the World Book and Copyright Day held on April 23rd. Both faculty and students enthusiastically contributed books they no longer needed, reflecting a spirit of generosity and support for the cause. The success of this initiative not only lies in the sheer number of books donated but also in the spirit of goodwill and generosity that permeated throughout the college. Each donated book symbolized a gesture of sharing knowledge and promoting literacy among peers. Through collective efforts, the college library’s collection was significantly enriched, offering a diverse selection of books to cater to the varied interests of students. Beyond the material benefits, the initiative fostered a sense of unity and community spirit among both faculty and students, strengthening their bonds and highlighting the value of collaboration and generosity in promoting knowledge-sharing within the college community.