Book Hunt Competition

The library department of St. Joseph Vaz College organized a Book Hunt competition for the S.Y. B.Sc students as part of the Reading Month activities on July 10, 2024 in the college library. Twelve participants competed, forming teams of two. One student in each team was responsible for retrieving a chit with bibliographic details, while the other searched for the book. Each team needed to collect three chits, and the team that found all their books and returned to the librarian in the shortest time was declared the winner. The competition was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved. The winning teams were: Komal Ghanchi and Sanjana Sharma in first place, Isha Gomes and Maithili Rudruke in second place, and Vianney Colaco and Verwarly Tavares in third place. This competition enabled students to quickly locate books in the library, thereby increasing their awareness of the library’s collection.