First Aid in Road Accidents

The Department of Physical Education and Sports of St. Joseph Vaz College and St. Joseph Vaz Institute of Education organized Healthily-A lecture series on Health, Exercise and Wellness for the students of B.S.C. The aim of the lecture series is to motivate the students to follow a healthy lifestyle through exercise and fitness and to make science the most important thing while following sports and physical education and to make them understand about diseases and its prevention.

The sixth lecture of the series was on the topic First aid in road accidents. The Resource Person for the function was Dr Noela Correia, former medical officer at PHC Curtorim and GMC Bambolim. The session begun at 9 a.m and Dr. Elroy Pinto College Director of Physical Education and Sports of St. Joseph Vaz College Cortalim welcomed the Resource Person and addressed the gathering. Principal Dr Maria Fonseca welcomed the Resource Person Dr Noela Correia by handing over a pot of flowers. Dr Elroy Pinto took the privilege of introducing the resource person. Dr Maria Fonseca addressed the gathering and highlighted the importance of first aid, specially in road accidents as the number of accidents are increasing everyday. 30 students from the  B. Sc. section were a part of the lecture. Besides the students the premise also witnessed a significant number of staff members 12 to be exact which included both Teaching and Non-Teaching, only to add on to the interest created by the resource person through her knowledgeable words.

In her lecture Dr Noela spoke about why first aid is important specially during road accidents. She highlighted that many lives can be saved if first aid reaches them in time and in correct manner. She further interacted with the students and it was evident that many of them had no understanding of basic first aid.  Dr Noela spoke about DRS ABC in first aid which is Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway, Breathing, CPR. Dr Noela concluded the session by answering all the questions that the students and the staff had.