An Industrial Visit was organized by the Chemistry Department of St. Joseph Vaz College at Ashutosh Industries,Madikai,Ponda Goa on 12th September 2022. The Industrial visit was arranged for students of T.Y. B.Sc. This visit included 10 students of T. Y. B.Sc. Chemistry, who were escorted by Dr.Melvin D’Souza and Dr.Elroy Pinto, faculty members of St.JosephVaz College, Cortalim Goa.

On 12th September 2022, at 9.15 am the 10 students of T.Y.B.Sc. along with two faculty members (Dr.Melvin D’Souza and Dr.Elroy Pinto) left the college campus and reached the planned destination, Ashutosh Industries, Madikai, Ponda Goa at 10.30 am. The students were welcomed by the owner of theAshutosh Industry,Mr. Ashutosh Desai. He delighted the students with snacks on their arrival. He instructed his Industry expert to give the students apanorama of the industry.
The expert guided the students and explained in detail various processes included in the production of solvent. He also explainedthe filtration, extraction, distillation, and condensation process. He showed how the manufacture of solvent at a high levelis conducted in an industry. He explained the different production process of solvents that takes place in the industry along with the working of the instruments and machinery in detail.

Later he gave the students information on different safety measures that the industry follows to avoid disaster and also different emergency equipment like fire extinguishers were installed. He also gave a glimpse of how large chemicals in tones are stored underground. With this, the tour of the industry ended and students reached safely back to the college at 1.30 pm.

This visit helped students in gaining Industrial education, which gave students a major exposure to the real working environment related to their domain. Thisgave the students a real-life experience. This may encourage the students in gaining further knowledge in this area. This experience which is acquired by the students will help them withthe job scheme.
In the future, it will extend the necessary support and learn emerging technology to feel the gap in a scale and make them ready to work for the industry. Finally, both parties believe that close co-operation between the two will be a major benefit to the student committee to enhance the skills and acknowledgment.