‘My Icon’ Competition

The Red Ribbon Club of St. Joseph Vaz College, in collaboration with the student council, hosted a competition titled ‘My Icon’ on March 7, 2024. The event began at 12:30 p.m with a warm welcome for both staff and students, followed by a brief prayer service. Ms. Aroma Diniz, the Convenor of the Red Ribbon Club, initiated the program by emphasizing the role of an Icon in our lives.

Subsequently, the competition ‘My Icon’ took place, where participating students adorned themselves as their chosen icons and elucidated how these figures serve as sources of inspiration. Seven students participated, portraying a diverse array of icons ranging from renowned actors and social activists to artists, sports personalities, and world leaders. They eloquently highlighted the achievements, struggles, and societal impacts of their chosen icons.

The judging panel comprised Ms. Angela Serrao, an assistant professor in Chemistry, and Ms. Viona Correa, an assistant professor in Mathematics. Following the competition, prizes were awarded, and a discourse on HIV/AIDS awareness among the youth was delivered. The Vote of thanks was extended by Ms. Aroma Diniz. The winners of the competition were announced as follows: Ms. Muskan Kumari secured the first place, followed by Ms. Khushnuma Bhaig in second place, and Ms. Isha Gomes in third place. Additionally, a consolation prize was awarded to Mr. Shivam Saroj for his innovative approach.