Ragi Healthy Day Drink

On 30th August, 2023, St. Joseph Vaz College organized a Millet Activity that focused on preparing and serving Ragi Healthy Drinks. This activity was a collaboration between the Botany Department, Counselling Cell, and Library Department with the aim of promoting healthy dietary habits among students and staff while raising awareness about the nutritional benefits of millets, particularly Finger Millets, also known as Ragi.

A total of 50 cups of Ragi Healthy Drink were prepared for the event. The ingredients included Ragi flour, water, milk, jaggery, cardamom powder, salt as per taste, turmeric leaf and grated almonds for garnishing. The preparation process involved blending Ragi flour and water to create a smooth texture. Jaggery was added for natural sweetness, and cardamom powder and turmeric leaf enhanced the flavor. Milk was incorporated for added nutrition, and constant stirring prevented lumps. The drinks were finished with delicate grated almonds for texture and taste.

The Ragi Healthy Day Drink received enthusiastic approval from both students and staff, thanks to its delicious taste and evident health benefits. This activity showcased that healthy food choices can be tasty and easy to make. It also highlighted the value of millets like Ragi, which are not only nutritious but also environmentally sustainable. The hope is that this activity encouraged participants to include such nutritious options in their daily diets, fostering a healthier and more conscientious community.