Research Funding Proposal Writing Talk

On 28th August , 2023, St. Joseph Vaz College organised a talk on the topic “Grant Writing and Academic Research Writing Proposal for research projects” This event was organized by the Research and Development Cell (RDC Cell) in collaboration with the IQAC, Chemistry and Library Departments. The session took place in the Seminar Hall of St. Joseph Vaz College. The session aimed to enlighten and empower B.Sc students with knowledge and insights on how to write compelling research proposals to secure funding for their research projects.

The resource person for the session was Dr. Hari Kadam, Assistant Professor in Chemistry , Goa University. Dr. Kadam is an accomplished scholar in the field of research proposal writing and has a wealth of experience in successfully securing research funding for various projects. His expertise in this domain made him an ideal resource person for this event. The one-hour talk was attended by all the B.Sc students and staff from various disciplines within the college. This diverse mix of attendees ensured that the information shared during the session would benefit a wide range of research interests. The session began by Dr.Melwin D’Souza, Asst Professor in Chemistry introducing the resource person to the audience.

Dr. Hari Kadam initiated the session titled “Writing Proposals for Research Funding” by delving into the essential role that research funding plays in the realms of academia and scientific pursuits. He stressed the importance of securing funding as the pivotal initial step in turning ideas into actual research projects. His presentation covered three primary aspects. First, he examined the landscape of research funding, which includes government grants, support from private foundations, and collaborations with industry partners. He highlighted the significance of aligning research goals with the objectives of funding agencies, underlining the relevance of research and the job opportunities it can generate. Additionally, he mentioned various schemes aimed at encouraging Indian women and supporting single girls within families. Second, Dr. Kadam provided an extensive explanation of the essential elements of a research proposal. These components encompassed the research question, title, methodology, budget, and expected outcomes. He emphasized the need for clarity and precision when presenting these elements. Third, he shared valuable insights and strategies for crafting a compelling proposal that would capture the attention of reviewers. The proposal’s aim was to effectively communicate the importance of the proposed research and its contribution to the broader academic or scientific community. The session culminated with a Q&A session, allowing participants to seek clarification and further insights, followed by a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Komal Gawade, Assistant Professor in Chemistry.

The session on “Writing Proposal for Research Funding” was a resounding success. Dr. Hari Kadam’s expertise and engaging presentation style captivated the audience, leaving them with valuable knowledge and inspiration. The event empowered B.Sc students and staff with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the competitive world of research funding. The collaborative effort between the RDC Cell, IQAC, Chemistry, and Library Departments in organizing this seminar showcased the college’s commitment to fostering research and innovation among its students. Overall, this event was a significant step towards equipping the college’s budding researchers with the tools they need to secure funding and pursue impactful research projects. It is anticipated that the knowledge gained from this seminar will lead to an increase in the quality and quantity of research proposals submitted by St. Joseph Vaz College students in the future.