Sci-π 2.0

St. Joseph Vaz College in Cortalim organized an event named Sci-π 2.0 on January 27, 2024, specifically designed for higher secondary schools. Seven schools took part in a variety of competitions, including Plat-o-Mania, Sudoku Challenge, Model Making, Botanical Fashion Show, and Fitness Challenge. The participating higher secondary schools included Keshav Smruti Higher Secondary, MES Higher Secondary School, Mount Mary Higher Secondary, Rosary Higher Secondary, Santa Cruz Higher Secondary, St. Andrews Higher Secondary, and Infant Jesus Higher Secondary.

The event commenced with an inaugural function, featuring a prayer service led by the college students. The lighting of the lamp by dignitaries followed, and Rev. Dr. Simão Diniz, the Administrator of St. Joseph Vaz College, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. He shared insights into both the event and the college. The event coordinator, Ms. Viona Corriea, Assistant Professor in Mathematics, then provided details about the competitions. Dr. Aureen Gomes, Assistant Professor in Microbiology, introduced the chief guest. Prof. Susheela Sawant Mendes, the Chief Guest, praised the college for providing a platform for students to showcase their talents in her speech. The inaugural ceremony followed by a trophy march by the College students who walked to the stage showcasing the event trophies. Dr. Maria
A.A.R. Fonseca, Principal of the College, delivered a vote of thanks. Students were provided with information about the rooms where the competitions would be held by the compere, Miss Neha Khandwal.

During the valedictory function, Rosary Higher Secondary School emerged as the winners, with Mount Mary Higher Secondary School securing the runner-up position. The on-stage and off-stage competition winners were as follows: At the Plat-o-Mania event, Mount Mary Higher Secondary School emerged victorious, claiming the 1st place in the overall
competition. MES Higher Secondary School secured the 2nd place. In the Sudoku Challenge, Mount Mary Higher Secondary dominated again, clinching the 1st place, while Rosary Higher Secondary secured the 2nd place. For the Model Making category, Rosary Higher Secondary claimed the top spot, with Mount Mary Higher Secondary School securing the 2nd place. The Botanical Fashion Show saw Rosary Higher Secondary once again taking the 1st place, while St. Andrews Higher Secondary secured the 2nd place. In the Fitness Challenge, St. Andrews Higher Secondary emerged triumphant, securing the 1st place, with MES Higher Secondary School securing the 2nd place in this category.

The event not only showcased academic and creative excellence but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among the participating schools.