Book Exhibition

The book exhibition that was held at St. Joseph Vaz College on December 7, 2023, in the Physics lab, emerged as a resounding success, offering a diverse array of books to students and staff. Organized in collaboration with the NDLI Club and the showcased books by Educational Books and Periodicals, Mapusa, the event commenced at 9:30 am with a warm welcome by Mrs. Manali Acharya, the College Librarian. The administrator,  Rev.Prof.Simao R. Diniz, officially inaugurated the exhibition, cutting the ribbon and declaring it open for all. He also delivered a speech that underscored the importance of cultivating a reading habit for personal growth. Featuring a comprehensive selection of fiction, non-fiction, academic, and reference books, the exhibition attracted around 100 attendees, including students and staff from the college as well as the neighboring school and higher secondary school. Attendees enthusiastically explored the diverse literary offerings, with many making purchases, while the event also served as a platform for fostering interest in reading among those less familiar with books. The positive feedback and evident success of the exhibition reflected its impact in promoting a culture of reading and intellectual curiosity at St. Joseph Vaz College.